The morning after my 26th birthday…


Comfortable Radisson bed…amazing view from the left…yeah this is the day after my birthday!! And even if it is only 9am I am soooo not sleeepy: ) Yas Island and Abu Dhabi are out there to explore and who knows maybe the charismatic Janet Jackson will be somewhere there too! She is truly amazing!Even after driving from Dubai straight after work and hotel checking in the fastest possible way, we made it up close and personal to her first ever concert around here!


JJ was that perfect end for my emotional birthday day! Heard from so many old and not so old friends from around the world, got even anonymous wonderful flowers and balloons from one of them who left me wondering the whole day who it might be: ))) I see now why he`s done it this way…gave me such a cool feeling trying to find out; )

Nassy birthday

My great marketing colleagues gave me such beautiful accessories which I love! And all this when I thought my suprises are over with the advanced gifts from my loving boyfriend! And to make it all even more special my lil nephew told me I m pretty and he was having my favorite food and cake with the rest of my dear family to feel closer to me on this day even if we couldn’t be together…oh and this reminds me I still need to get my parcel from them which will extend these great birthday emotions!
The morning after such an awesome birthday…and now time to go for breakfast by the pool!

P.S. posted from my Galaxy, to be proof read later