Spa talk with BAGNO design

 How do you develop new spa products?

Our inspiration is that the bathroom has shifted from being purely a functional space, to an area of relaxation and re-invigoration; where we can escape from the exhausting lifestyle that so many of us seem to lead nowadays. With this in mind we recently started manufacturing our own whirlpools and spa TVs providing a significant improvement in value for money for the consumer. This has opened up the opportunity of having a whirlpool to a much wider audience.

BAGNO design Palace Whirlpool

2. What sorts of ingredients are popular at the moment?

Granite, marble, natural stone and bronze. These all age beautifully over time and meet the needs of consumers looking for that natural finish.

3. Are people becoming more interested in pure and organic products?

We are seeing a move towards smooth, classical and natural looking products gathering pace. Customers are looking for simple, organic design that provides both a functional and stylish bathroom. Perfect example is the newest freestanding basin in the stone collection by BAGNO design – Rio. The basin is smooth, warm and sensual to the touch.

Rio Freestanding Stone Basin

Rio Freestanding Stone Basin

4. Is it difficult to come up with new product concepts?

We aim to solve our customer’s problems and we know that the days of being able to find the time to visit a health club or a hotel spa to get that wellness experience are gone. We enable our customers to install their own steam room in an area no bigger than a standard shower cubicle. Hotels themselves can provide this facility in their luxury suites. A favorite spa experience from the comfort of the home is also achievable with the new special bathtubs from Hoesch, called Ergo. The Ergo series are available in different shape variants including rectangular, corner, oval and square. All Ergo bathtubs are fitted with LED lights giving it a spa-like feeling. The tub can include up to 26 Air-Inject jets. The tub’s warm, whirly water renders a feeling of relaxing massage. The user of the tub, depending upon his mood, can select a soothing colour from a wonderful array of colours.

5. Will the trend for medi-spas change product development?

We don’t think the trend for medi-spas will change the current product development. Like a Day Spa, the Medical Spa enforces the importance of a relaxing atmosphere. A Medical Spa is the perfect balance between clinical and luxury and the products and materials used follow an essential attention to detail – from the tiles on the walls to the feeling of the bathtub material itself. This leads to stronger focus on luxury products which will help caring for the client before, during and after these medical procedures take place.


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