Glass sinks – Yes or No

A glass sink may not seem like the best choice for your new sink, but what if it is really durable and trustworthy? 

Glass vessel sinks are continuing to rise in popularity and probably aren’t going out of fashion any time soon. No bathroom equipped with a beautiful glass sink could remain ordinary as eyes will automatically be drawn to it. There are also practical advantages that should not be overlooked. There is little to do to keep a glass sink clean. 

If you are still skeptic and uncertain rest assured and just remember if you spend too little your sink may have trouble holding up to the rigors of daily use. Aim to get something from the mid-range and from a reputable retailer to save yourself the hassle. There is a wide range of options in round, oval, rectangular and square shapes, there is something to suit all designs and tastes! 

And keep an eye on the upscale restaurants as most sink trends are generally first to be seen installed there!

BAGNO design glass sinks in gold and silver


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