Swimming Pool and House Builders in Bulgaria – real people!

Surrounded by many greedy companies…There is a team of builders with decades of experience working in and outside of Bulgaria. From initial pool and house design through to construction and follow-up pool maintenance, their experienced team of builders combines quality workmanship and careful material selection with a high level of customer service. 

They specialize in building pools and family houses at very affordable prices.  I must tell you that NOBODY builds a pool as good, as they can! They have worked for many companies, built many 3, 4 and 5* hotel pools in Bulgaria and Romania, as well as hundreds private backyard pools across Bulgaria. Various nationalities building their second home in Bulgaria believed in this team’s experience and they happily stay in touch for any advice their customers need to extend their pool life even longer!

So go ahead and send them an email to set up your no-obligation appointment for free quotation. 

These people don’t have shiny office and they don’t want to hide behind any company’s name but they promise (and I believe them) to work alongside with you to turn your second home in Bulgaria into a dream home.  What is truly impressive is that they are real people who don’t simply build for living but are truly passionate of what they do!

How am I so sure? Take a look at what they’ve built…

4-star Hotel Swimming Pool

Guest House swimming pool in Balchik, Bulgaria

Are you convinced yet? Check out more here: http://www.bulgarian-builders.webnode.com  


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